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Crunchyroll Activate On All Devices 2023

Now all the device holders can enjoy watching Crunchyroll anime videos; it doesn’t matter what device you have. You only need a, activate, or a activate activation code. Moreover, if you don’t know about the Crunchyroll streaming platform? Then, it is a streaming service that is popular for providing a variety of Asian and Japanese anime streaming content. Moreover, it offers English-dubbed shows into anime along with subtitles as well. 

The below activation guide is for you if you are finding a way to watch your favorite shows on any of these devices. And these are Roku, Play station, Wii U, Xbox, and Fire TV. If you are an anime lover, then it would be great for you as now you can enjoy watching unlimited anime videos on a wider or brighter screen. Furthermore, before beginning streaming on Crunchyroll, you need to activate your account first. So without delaying anymore, let’s begin.

Activating your Account via

  • Initially, choose the option to link your accounts after launching Crunchyroll on your device. 
  • Next, enter the activation code displayed on the screen to activate your account.  
  • Now, visit to sign in to your account.
  • You need to create an account first in case you do not have an account. After that, choose the link option and enter the code, which you can see on the Crunchyroll app.
  • Once you have activated Crunchyroll, start watching your favorite shows on it.
  • Further, search and enter the show’s name or episode number into the search bar. So that you can easily find a show to watch on Crunchyroll on your device.

Activate Crunchyroll On Roku Device via Crunchyroll.Com activate

  • In order to access Crunchyroll on your Roku box device. It would help if you started by navigating to the ‘Crunchyroll’ channel to find it.
  • And then, visit And once you have reached login into your account, if you already have one. In case you don’t have one, then create a new one. 
  • Afterward, click on the link, which you can see in the account section. So you can see the new code on your screen. It is advised to note down the code somewhere. 
  • Now proceed further by entering the code displayed on your device screen.
  • Lastly, click the link to activate your Roku device and link it to your account. Consequently, your account will become activated and let you access all of the content on your Roku device.

Activate Crunchyroll On PlayStation via activate

Activate Crunchyroll
  • If you are a play station user, then log in to your Crunchyroll account via www.Crunchyroll activate. 
  • Next, you need to Download Crunchyroll by visiting the PlayStation store.
  • Now proceed further by signing up in your app to link your accounts. After that, you will see an activation code, which you need to enter. So it can activate your application at
  • Remember to implement the above-given instruction carefully. Only then will it let you watch your favorite anime on the Crunchyroll app on PlayStation?
Activate Crunchyroll On Wii U via activate
  • Being a Wii U user, visit Nintendo eShop first. And then download the Crunchyroll app from it. 
  • Next, you need to download the app and then open it. After that, you need to click on the menu, which you can see on the left portion. So you can enter or step into the sign-in window.
  • Once reaching your login page, enter the code given on the Wii U screen. Remember to apply these activation steps correctly. 
  • Afterward, you need to launch the browser on your PC or Smart device. And then, visit the activation page on to Sign in. And also to complete your account setup.
  • In order to link the device to Crunchyroll, provide the code you got in point 3. You can do this by visiting the official website and entering it into the provided field.
  • Now, end it by choosing the Link Device and by waiting until it changes to the Wii U screen. As you only will be able to use Crunchyroll when it changes the screen.
Activate Crunchyroll On Xbox one via
  • Now all Xbox One device users can easily activate Chrunchyroll by finding Crunchyroll on the app store. 
  • Moreover, the Crunchyroll app can be easily found on Xbox, which you need to download and install from there.
  • Next, register and login in via your existing account credentials.
  • Further, launch the web browser on your Xbox one device. And then, you need to sign in to your account on 
  • Remember only to Input the Xbox activation code which you received. After that, tap on Activate to complete the Crunchyroll activation process.
  • And here you are, done with activating www.crunchyroll/activate Xbox one. Now, turn on your Xbox one device to enjoy your favorite Crunchyroll shows.

Activate Crunchyroll On FireTV via activate

  • First and foremost, available from the home menu on FireTV devices. You can even use the Google Play Store App to access FireTV.
  • Next, in order to access the Crunchyroll app. Being a user, you can choose from one of the highlighted options in the search box.
  • Afterward, you need to register for Crunchyroll and then open the app to click on the “Register” option. Once the downloading process is complete, wait until you see the sign-in on the screen.
  • Further, you can select login once the entire application has been fully loaded. After that, you need to select your credentials from the available options. And then enter them as per the provided instructions.
  • And once you are done, generate an activation code. Remember, you can find the activation code link on the Crunchyroll website’s main page.
  • Now end the process by activating your account on the website via the received activation code.

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