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Activate Channel on Amazon Fire, Roku or Android TV Device

Undeniably, we all are fond of watching suspense and criminology-based thrilling streaming content. Now, what if they are based on real or true events? It will definitely double your joy and excitement and is possible only by switching to the Investigation Discovery GO (IDGO) channel. Besides crime-based video content, you can even find documentary-style kidnapping, assault, sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence video content. The best part is that the IDGO channel is compatible with most devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku Media Player & TV, Apple TV, Android TV, etc. 

All you need to do is to activate the IDGO channel via or on your smart TV. But every device has a separate process to activate the IDGO channel via or activate on your device. Moreover, it would be better if you are 18+ or grown-up before watching these shows, as these criminology-based contents contain heavy information. Furthermore, following the information below would be sufficient to know how to activate the IDGO channel on Amazon, Roku, and Android TV via  

Activate IDGO Channel on your Amazon Fire TV via

You can either use or to activate INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO on your Amazon Fire TV. Moreover, to know how to make it happen, you can follow the downward steps: 

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on your Amazon Fire TV and then download the INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO app on your Amazon Fire TV. 
  2. After downloading and installing the IDGO app, visit the settings option on your device. Ensure to search for the INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO in the settings option.
  3. And once you find the “INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO” icon. Then, select the device on which you want to activate it, i.e., Amazon Fire TV.
  4. Further, click on the “Connect” option to begin watching all your desirable INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO programs on your Amazon Fire TV.

Activate IDGO Channel on your Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV via

Activating the IDGO channel on your Roku TV is no longer comprehensive. Yes, now it can easily be done via activate and by following the below step-by-step information:  

  1. Begin by switching on your device and visiting the Roku home screen. And then, visit the channel store to search for the INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO by entering it in the search field.  
  2. Next, click the “INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO” icon and select the “Add channel” button. Later, it will start recording the Investigation Discovery GO Channel on your Roku’s home screen.
  3. After that, launch the “Investigation Discovery GO Channel” on your Roku device. So that you can see the provided activation code on your screen. Ensure to write down the IDGO activation code on paper, not letting yourself forget it.  
  4. Now use your smartphone or any other device to open the code. Once you open it, it will show you the verification code on either your registered mobile number or email address.  
  5. Further, visit Roku and then sign in to it to access the INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO. Additionally, enter the code you have seen earlier on your screen. 

Lastly, end it by signing in to your INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY GO account. And that’s how you can activate the IDGO channel via activate on your Roku TV.  

Activate IDGO Channel on your Android TV via

Don’t worry if you are an Android TV user, as activating IDGO is also available on it as well. So, let’s get started if you want to accelerate the IDGO services on your Android TV device:    

  1. In the very step, you need to turn on your Android TV and then visit the Google Play Store app. After launching the Play Store, please search for the IDGO app by entering it into the search field.
  2. Once you find the IDGO app, select it, then download and install it on your Android TV. After the completion of the IDGO app, launch it on your Android TV device.
  3. Next, it will show you an activation code on your Android TV screen. Ensure to open the “” activation code on your computer or mobile device.
  4. Further, you need to enter the link code in the provided field. And then click on the “Link TV Provider” button.
  5. Don’t forget to sign in after selecting your TV provider from the list. And here’s you are done with successfully activating the IDGO app on your Android TV device. 

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